Monday, October 20

God. SAs great. But with news like this every now and then it is horrible too. (News24 does its reputation as internet rag good with the headline though.)

Missing hubby in pauper grave

Police apparently told Pastor Robert Bruun and his family of his son's death only seven months after he died and five months after he had been given a pauper's funeral.
Jayson wasn't identified in the police mortuary, apparently because of "wrong information" on the official form. This was after his identity document had been found on his body.

Marlisa said there had been enough life-insurance policies to pay for their house if her husband died, but she had had to sell it while they were still in the dark about what had happened to Jayson.

Their bank had also held her liable for transactions on Jayson's credit card that were made after his death. They are still not sure who had stolen the card. She had also had to pay the contract of Jayson's stolen cellphone.

Police opened a murder docket only recently


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