Sunday, October 12

Glad to see Mostly Africa back, and with a vengeance.

As he points out, the large number of SANDF soldiers infected with HIV/AIDS has again made news.

"All of this noise every day about HIV/Aids and so on, that suggest that this country is about to collapse as a result of HIV/Aids, is really unfounded," he[Minister of Defence Mosiuoa Lekota] told senior foreign envoys in Pretoria.

The story that news papers would of course like to run is imminent collapse and absolute disaster. Sells more papers. The SANDF has had a abnormally large infection rate now for a number of years. The fact that it is at the same level as the general population is probably a decrease in the overall levels of infections.

South Africa faces no military threats. Political instability in neigbouring countries are a cause for concern, but not militarily. The army inherited from the previous one was one geared for total communist onslaught. The largest army in Africa. It takes a lot to destroy that.

Even should the army be disbanded, we would still be able to rely on the police to successfully invade 'any' neigbouring country.

The only possible threat is to indigenous populations where our peace keepers are stationed. AIDS, as serious as it is, it is a minor concern in the places where these troops go.


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