Wednesday, October 15

Election results time in Swaziland! One month after the election anyway. An independent province of South Africa, Swaziland is ruled by the last absolute monarch in Africa. He is famous for abducting school girls, and his taste for expensive planes to go travel the world in search of aid for his starving people. The royal family, the Dlamini's, control this isolated mountainous country of a million people with a Darwinian fervour. If you're not a Dlamini, you're nobody! Even the opposition leader is a Dlamini;

Ignatius Dlamini, the secretary general of the People's Democratic Movement (Pudemo), said: "We have consistently warned that the country is seated on a time-bomb and it is a matter of time before it explodes.

"We call upon all democracy-loving people to stand up and support the struggle for human dignity in Swaziland as an expression of the world-wide struggle to broaden the frontiers of a better world and social justice for all."

He said the results of elections held last month would be made known at the weekend

Update:Dlamini is a clan name. My post is slightly tongue in cheek as there is a running joke in South Africa about Swaziland and the large number of Dlaminis in position of power. There are a large number of people with the Dlamini name in South Africa as well.
See this for a brief history of Swaziland and this for a rundown of the current political situation.

I have no specific information on whether Ignatius Dlamini is closely related to the Royal family, but I doubt it. Swaziland is still a very traditional society however, and having the Dlamini name certainly never hurt anyone.


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