Sunday, October 12

The difference between South Africa and our SADC neighbours are not obvious from a distance. Politically they are of course independent. Economically they are not. It is the size of that economic difference that is the kicker. (source: CIA world fact book)

GDP : purchasing power parity

South Africa : $432 billion (2002 est.)

Namibia: $12.6 billion (2002 est.)
Botswana: $15.1 billion (2002 est.)
Zimbabwe : $27 billion (2002 est.)
Mozambique: $19.2 billion (2002 est.)
Tanzania: $22.5 billion (2002 est.)
Zambia: $8.9 billion (2002 est.)
Malawi: $7.2 billion (2002 est.)
Angola: $16.9 billion (2002 est.)

In comparison with the other power houses of Africa:
Nigeria: $113.5 billion (2002 est.)
Egypt: $268 billion (2002 est.)
Morocco: $115 billion (2002 est.)

The SADC was formed to try and reduce the member countries dependency on South Africa. With the collapse of apartheid, the reason for its existence has been co-opted by a South African government still finding its feet in international politics.

Its walking damn softly as a matter of fact. After almost 10 years of growth and prosperity, perhaps its time to tread a bit louder?


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