Tuesday, September 30

The Police Commissioner or Minister was on Radio again, defending the way in which statistics are released. Still seems to me that the biggest problem with the statistics is bad PR.

Have a look at this to see the numbers. Also the fact was pointed out that you can go to your local police station and they are obliged to tell you about crime in your area and what hot spots there are.

Still, would be nice to have this information more widely available, and I fail to see what they gain by 'not' making it available. Crime is not under 'control' as the government would like everyone to believe, but then again it wouldn’t help if they said it 'was' out of control.

The police are doing good work in terrible conditions. The fact that the largest factor in doubting crime statistics is the fact that people do not report crime to the police anymore is scary however. (Back to the PR issue again).


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