Tuesday, September 30

Japan Pledges $1bn to Africa at Ticad 'Without Strings' Wooohooo! Free Money!! Thats the kind of money that Africa likes,

Speaking to allAfrica.com, several African leaders pointed out that although Tokyo gave aid to the continent, it did not give "orders" unlike other unnamed Western donors.

Dam the Danish and their demands! But wait a sec,

Analysts argue that Tokyo is wooing Africa and seeking its support and cooperation, with one eye on a permanent seat on the United Nations' Security Council. Wade immediately rejected that interpretation. But it is an open secret that unable to rely on the military might of the United States - with armed force limited by the Japanese constitution - Tokyo looks for other ways to extend its diplomatic and global influence.

But not too worry,

Asked whether this was simple philanthropy-without-strings, or whether Japan expected something in return, Wade and others said Tokyo was interested in seeing a better world for all people

What's that smell?


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