Friday, September 26

I’ve mostly posted about negative news events concerning South Africa. This is not for a lack of trying to find the good news or a some perverted wish to see South Africa fail. There just doesn't seem to be that much good news about South Africa recently.

What is good about South Africa? Why do I love the country? What worries me? What excites me about SA?

Firstly Freedom. South Africa is as free a country as you'll find in the world, for everyone. You can think and say and do what you will (within reason of course). And everyone does. I don’t want to see us lose this.

Democracy. This country has an incredible strong political system. The miracle of the new South Africa is there because of our politicians. Are we throwing this away for one where all debate as to what affects our country takes place within one party? Can an opposition party get its act together or are we doomed to having a second rate theatre of ankle biters in the opposition benches? We need a viable opposition if we are to remain a true and strong democracy.

Capitalism. This country is ready to explode. We can be the growth engines for the revolution of a continent. We can compete with the best in the world and great things are happening all the time. But serious problems hold us back. Crime and AIDS are issues that must be addressed firmly, not as political footballs. Playing buddy-buddy with dictators that destroy their own countries on our borders does not help either (I’m talking about you too, Sam). Where is the leadership?

There are serious battles still to be fought for the future of this country. This is just me trying to get in my 2 cents.


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