Tuesday, September 23

The government finally released the Crime statistics. What amazes me is the sheer ineptitude of the whole affair. Firstly they refuse to release any statistics because it is not "accurate". Then when they do release it, it seems that previous statistics are now fine for comparison because crime is down. Never mind the fact that the statistics are already a year out of date, and so broad as to be meaningless.

Listening to the minister of Safety and Security on Safm this morning brought out the sheer idiocy of the whole exercise. (I couldn’t find a transcript on the web, but the gist is right)

Q: The crime statistics you released was very broad. Don’t you have more specific statistics.
A: That would be very expensive to collect, John.
Q: You don’t have specific statistics for policing areas? How do you then respond operationally?
A: O No. We do have these statistics that we compile at each station.
Q: Then wouldn’t it make sense to release these statistics so that businesses in the area can also respond "operationally"?
A: These businesses know what is the crime in the areas. They don’t need to know what we know as they are there and they know.
Q: Thank you Minister.

Thank you indeed. If you haven’t checked out crimestats yet, now is a good time.


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