Tuesday, September 2

Chissano says Zimbabwe land reforms must be fair

Chissano, who is chairperson of the African Union, said when he officially opened the annual Zimbabwe agricultural show that the country's reforms would be the basis for sustainable social and economic development.
In a carefully crafted statement, Chissano commended Mugabe's government for addressing colonial injustices in land ownership and realising that "a fair distribution of land and its well organised utilisation is important".

"I wish a lot of success to the efforts that Zimbabwe is making to promote land distribution with no discrimination to colour, race and religion," he said.

Chissano told thousands of people at the Harare show, including Mugabe, that Zimbabwe had shown great resilience in tackling its problems and had demonstrated to Africa that "if you know where you are going, even if you fall, the important thing is to rise again".

Chissano is walking a fine line, and talking to two different kinds of people. On the one hand are those who hold Zimbabwe up as a model for other parts of Africa and on the other hand the West and those who see Zimbabwe as the worst possible outcome.

Mr Chissano, as the current head of the AU, shows his true feelings by his actions more then his words by addressing the annual Zimbabwe 'agricultural' show. Statement: The AU support Robert Mugabe, his goverment and the land 'reform' process.


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