Tuesday, September 23

An article on South Africa deporting illegal immigrants back to Zimbabwe appeared in the New York Times along with a slideshow.

In the slideshow the reporter says that "crazily" the Zimbabwe government policy has backfired. That by seizing white owned land and distributing it to black people the economy has been ruined.

Imagine that. Funny how the world works exactly the opposite as to how you imagine it should.

I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the Zimbabweans, or any illegal immigrants. I believe that deporting them back to their country of origin serves little purpose, and that they can be and are valuable members of our society. Illegal or not.

I do however believe that Zimbabwe has dug itself a hole, and it is up to the people of Zimbabwe to sort it out. We should support them in their struggle for freedom and democracy. But it is a hole that Zimbabwe dug for itself. There were no street protests in Zimbabwe when a minority of the population was targeted. Large scale opposition materialized only when the economic situation became so bad that people lost their livelihoods and it affected them personally.

These are not the actions of a people that believe in freedom and respect for all, and every Zimbabwean must now live with the consequences of what happened in their society. People get the dictator they deserve.


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