Sunday, August 24

Zuma off the hook

Deputy President Jacob Zuma will not be prosecuted for allegedly soliciting a R500 000 bribe from a French arms dealer , Scorpions boss Bulelani Ngcuka announced yesterday.

"The investigating team recommended that we institute a criminal prosecution against Deputy President Zuma.

"After careful consideration in which we looked at the evidence and the facts dispassionately, we have concluded that, while there is a prima facie case of corruption against the deputy president, our prospects of success are not strong enough.

Excuse me if I dont comment. It gets better though.

Maduna is believed to have threatened to resign after coming under fire at a Cabinet meeting chaired by Zuma on Wednesday while President Thabo Mbeki was on leave.

The meeting saw an ugly exchange between Zuma and Maduna over the Scorpions' investigation.

It is understood that members of the Cabinet criticised Maduna for stating publicly earlier in the week that the government was placing a gag on further comment on the investigation. He was also condemned for allowing the investigation to run on, causing embarrassment to the government and ANC.

Seems like there are other people that are not happy as well.

ANC spokesman Smuts Ngonyama said the organisation accepted Ngcuka's decision and viewed it as " a victory for our democracy".

Ngonyama said prima facie evidence found by the Scorpions against Zuma would not taint his political career or public image

But this is politics, so its business as usual. "Victory for our democracy" indeed.


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