Tuesday, August 26

Union Vows to Fight Amended Land Rights Bill in Top Courts'

The Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill will give the minister the power to expropriate land for restitution without having to go to court.

Grobbelaar also took issue with the contention of chief land claims commissioner Tozi Gwanya, who had told the committee that the enhanced expropriation powers were needed because farmers were not co-operating with the state in trying to resolve claims. Gwanya said farmers chose to go to court to subvert the restitution process.

Grobbelaar said: "Our clients are of the opinion that any delay is due to the fact that a large number of outstanding land claims in terms of the Restitution Act are invalid and of no substance whatsoever.

A difficult problem. That some people in government and elsewhere 'would' like to see a Zimbabwe style land grab cannot be doubted. That some farmers would do everything in their power to subvert the process is also not in doubt. Lets hope cool heads prevail.


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