Saturday, August 30

SADC Summit Takes Crucial Decisions

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State and Government Summit has approved the region's development blueprint for the next five years.

Five year plans? Now where have I heard of that before?

Mr Pahad also said Lesotho had been elected as the chair of the SADC organ on politics, defense and security cooperation, which would deal with preventing conflicts in the region.

Lesotho, the country with practically no military whatsoever, which was overrun by a South African Medical unit the last time they collapsed into anarchy. That Lesotho is not part of South Africa is a national shame. Lesotho is as much a Bantustan as any other; only it was a Bantustan long before the others were created. It cannot exist as an independent country, as its military and foreign policy will always be subject to South Africa, while the majority of its citizens will always work in South Africa. By keeping this illusion of a country alive, the migrant labour practices of apartheid are continued in the new South Africa. But then this illusion has its advantages:

South Africa has been elected as the deputy-chair of the organ


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