Tuesday, August 26

I'm innocent, insists Zuma

Deputy president Jacob Zuma again proclaimed his innocence on Tuesday on corruption allegations made against him, adding that the matter was in the hands of the court.

At a weekend media conference, national director of public prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka said Zuma would not be prosecuted, despite indications that there may be a corruption case for him to answer.

The decision was taken in spite of a recommendation by the investigating team that Zuma be criminally charged.

Serious questions have been raised about Mr Zumas integrity. The fact that no charges will be filed against him personally, while charging everyone else involved, is probably the decision most damaging to Mr Zumas reputation.

Mr Zuma has chosen to attack the investigators, the media, the minister of Justice and everyone involved in this case, instead of defending himself in the court of public opinion. He has never addressed the questions raised about his affairs in a satisfactory manner, if at all. (As he should, given his high public profile)

The vice president of a country must not only 'be' a trustworthy person, he must also be 'seen' to be one. The obvious behind the scenes pressure that has been applied to matters relating to the arms deal has been the work of people very high up in government. Apparently to the highest levels. Whether Mr Zuma is innocent is at this time irrelevant. Mr Zuma should resign from his office as vice president.

Politics being as it is though, this will probably be a "Victory for our democracy".


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