Friday, August 22

I haven't said that I think the man is INSANE yet, have I?

Africapundit blames Mbeki however, saying that that he should speak up.

I dont agree. Firstly Mbeki has spoken about this, and condemned Mugabe in very strong language, for Mbeki. When this happens one of Mugabes lackeys launches a wild attack on Mbeki, or whoever said anything, we protest, Mugabe says it was but the lackey’s opinion, the relationship sours some more and there it lies. If he keeps speaking out against Mugabe Mbeki gains nothing.

If he tones down his attacks, he gains because Mugabe allows him to intercede in negotiations with the MDC. Even though this ultimately gains him nothing, he is seen to be doing something positive and has some power in a situation were very few people do.

Realistically Mbeki has few options:

1) He can condemn it and refuse to deal with Mugabe. Difficult to say the least given that they are our neighbours directly to the north, and he is expected to deal with the situation by the West.
2) He can close the borders with Zimbabwe, causing havoc, starvation, and possibly war. Would Mugabe resign if he sees 'more' of his people starving? Doubt that. Would the world community allow Mbeki to do this? Don’t think so. They would insist on food shipments, and we would be back to where we are now.
3) He can declare war, roll north, and saddle South Africa with a country deeply in depth, knee deep in a Gorilla war. Democracy imposed from outside anyone? This would ruin our economy, and our army is not in a state where we can launch a 4-week blitzkrieg. It would be slow and messy and civilian casualties would be high.
4) He can walk softly, try to keep people talking, and hope the old man dies, one of his lieutenants work up the courage to do him in or he comes to his senses.

Granted, this is a difficult choice, but I know which one I would choose. It is not a pretty choice.


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