Tuesday, August 26

From Nairobi a perspective on the WTO. I think it sums up opposition to the WTO nicely, falling back on 'all' the cliches. This shouldn't be surprising however given:

It is for this reason that Heinrich Boll Foundation, Oxfam Great Britain, and EcoNews Africa, resorted to creating awareness amongst the ordinary public on the goings on at the international institutions.

At a workshop they organised in Kenya recently, they revealed how the WTO rules are designed and made by the rich countries, noting that the interest of the developing countries was not a priority at the institution.

The Heinrich Boll Foundation is a political non-profit foundation affiliated with the party of Alliance 90/The Greens. Oxfam has this link on their site which makes for some interesting reading. EcoNews Africa seems to be HBF's and Oxfams link to Kenya, and in turn derives funding from at least Oxfam.

Who is driving this campaign, and why? Is it the developing world, or the activists in the developed world? I can promise you one thing though. The 'priorities' of these two groups are not the same.


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