Wednesday, August 27

The French Connection
A coded, handwritten fax in French contained in the charge sheet against Schabir Shaik may hold the key to making a direct connection between deputy president Jacob Zuma and irregularities during the government's arms acquisition process.

The interesting part

"I asked SS to at least obtain clear confirmation from JZ or, if he was unable to, an encoded statement (I have identified the code) to confirm the request by SS at the end of September 1999. This JZ did (in code).

"Let me just remind you the two primary objectives of Thomson CSF are:

protecting Thomson CSF during the current investigation (SITRON);

permanent support from JZ for future projects.

Amount: R500 K a year (until and including the first payment of dividends by ADS)."

Just why he would be so stupid as to write all this down however baffles me. Could this be a fake? Possibly. If Mr Zumas financial records corroborate the amount however...


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