Tuesday, August 26

Arms deal: ANC could be charged

The ANC could face charges of corruption, theft and tax evasion. This is if the allegations entailed in a 45-page document released yesterday as a draft charge sheet against Schabir Shaik are proved to be true. Legal experts reviewing the arms deal document say Shaik, a Durban businessman, and Jacob Zuma, the Deputy President, are not the ones involved in the arms deal saga. They say the ANC stands as one of the accused - in the form of Floryn Investments.
Legal analysts have nonetheless paid attention to accused 10, due to the implications. Floryn Investments according to the charge sheet is wholly owned by Shaik. He holds the share as nominee or cedent to the ANC. It also makes the ANC 10% shareholder in Nkobi Holdings. "The effect of this is that the ruling party faces charges of corruption, theft and tax evasion," says Robin Palmer, a legal expert.

Time to do the the right thing and take one for the party, Mr Zuma?


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